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INFINITI Value My Trade Tool

Looking to get a handle on how much your current car is worth by Dalton, GA or Dunlap standards? Use the INFINITI Value My Trade Tool, brought to you conveniently by INFINITI of Chattanooga for answers! Our INFINITI Value My Trade Tool is by far the easiest and quickest way for you to get a trade-in estimate for your vehicle around Chattanooga. Use it right now and you’ll be one step closer to the new or used vehicle of your dreams!

What Is My Trade-In Worth?

Athens car shoppers who come to the INFINITI of Chattanooga finance center often wonder “what is my trade-in worth?”. The truth is, the value of your trade-in is derived from a variety of factors, including:

  • Vehicle Condition: The condition of your vehicle has a large bearing on the answer to the question “what is my trade-in worth?”. Your trade-in will be worth more the closer to mint or showroom condition it is. Conversely, its value will diminish the more maintenance or repairs it requires, mechanically, cosmetically, or otherwise.
  • Vehicle Mileage: How many miles your used car has on it will most definitely affect the trade-in value, with lower-mileage vehicles commanding the highest trade-in price/book value.
  • Vehicle Maintenance History: Have you maintained your car well over the years? If so, your trade-in value will likely be much higher, relative to other less well-maintained vehicles.
  • Current Market Prices: Current market prices do dictate what any used car can fetch, either when sold at a dealership or at auction. So current market prices will, in turn, determine the estimated book value of your vehicle, and thus, the trade-in value.
  • Vehicle Resale Value: Certain cars depreciate faster than others. INFINITI models, for instance, generally depreciate less than some other luxury cars, meaning that they can fetch higher prices when traded-in.

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